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Student Council

2021-2022 Life Sciences Student Council

The Life Sciences DSC serves to improve the experience of students in the Life Sciences program at Queen’s University by increasing student awareness of resources that boost academic success and helping to foster connections with peers and faculty members.

Co-Presidents: Isaac Emon and Meaghan Frank.

Academic Co-Chairs:    Leila Tibouti  and Lindsay Jefferson.  The Academic Co-chairs serve as the liaison between the DSC and the university’s faculty to advocate for academic changes and feedback regarding the academic courses and structure of the Life Sciences program.

Social Co-Chairs:   Sophie Wolkoff and Sachitha Wijekoon and Laura Carillo


4th Year Representatives:     The 4th year representative serves as the liaison between the 4th year LISC students and the student council.

3rd Year Representatives:  The 3rd year representatives serve as the liaison between the 3rd year LISC students and the student council.

2nd Year Representatives:  The 2nd year representatives serve as the liaison between the 2nd year LISC students and the student council.

Marketing Director:        Emily Wang The Marketing Director manages the DSC's social media and creating all digital content for the sites

Secretary:                        Maggie Doidge

Treasurer:         Madeline LaPointe The Treasurer manages the DSC’s annual operations budget, and maintaining partnerships with our sponsors.

Prospective Students Facilitator:    Emma Brownlee Engages with prospective and 1st-year students to help recruit for the Life Sciences program.

Extra Curricular Co-Chairs:    Athena AvdoulosBenjamin Buehner and  Julia Krpan Plan and execute all fitness events and initiatives, including intramural teams and Weekly Fitness Challenges.

Exchange Directors:      To be hired in the Fall.  Isaac Emon can provide assistance.

Student Experience Director:    Matthew Nakouzi

For the Life Sciences Student Council Website click here.